The Argence area

The area

Located in the south of the Massif Central, between Aubrac and Truyère, 25km from Laguiole and Mur de Barrez, the community of communes of Argence offers varied and grandiose landscapes. It spreads out from the Aubrac mountains to the Viadène and owes its name “Argence” to the river Argence La Vive which, from its source at the Roc du Cayla (1298 m), joins the Argence Morte under the remarkable bridge of Orlhaguet before forming gorges appreciated by water sports enthusiasts.

Because of its orientation towards the North Aveyron and its unavoidable passage between Cantal and Aveyron, Ste Geneviève sur Argence is an integral part of this North Aveyron territory also called Haut Rouergue.

In 2015, the new commune of Argences en Aubrac was born from the regrouping of the communes of Alpuech, Graissac, Lacalm, La Terrisse, Ste Geneviève sur Argence, Vitrac en Viadène.

The communes

A commune is a local authority centred on a village or small town.