Formerly « Apuèg » (« high mountain») in Occitan, the village is placed at 1080m.
It is a welcoming, pretty village on the edge of the Aubrac plateau.
Nearby are large pastures offering a magnificent view, from one side over the Viadene, from the other side over the Aubrac.


At about 976, Alpuech already existed and from the 14th century fairs took place which were well-known in the area.
The castle of Alpuech, as well as the one in Cantoin, the Barony of Benaven and the castle at Lacalm, belonged to the Count of Rodez. The Count gave the benefice of Alpuech to the Pebrac (Haute Loire) monastery in 1215. The castle was destroyed in about 1550. The oldest houses surround the 14th century Romanesque church whch is in the form of a Latin cross.
From the bell tower on a clear day there is a magnificent view over the mountains of Cantal. On can find traces of Roman roads and 16th century roadside crucifixes on the road from Vitrac and an interseting T-shaped 12th century cross (to the north of the village)


Alpuech was the home of the famous outlaw, J.P Bouyssou who was called the real thief of Alpuech, a « Robin Hood» of revolutionary times: he took from the rich to give to the poor.
To streams, the Argence Vive and the Argence Morte have their sources in this area and are a joy for anglers.