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Canyoning in Argence Area

Aubrac Aveyron


Uniques spots of canyoning in North Aveyron

Canyon on the Argence (start at Mels) and canyon on the Ondes (star tat Faux on the way to Bénaven).

The Argence canyon takes place in an impressive site and is not to be missed by those lovers of the sport who are looking for strong sensations.
It consists of two parts separated by a flat stretch.
The first is ideal for beginners and the second is more advanced.
It consists of a varied canyon with many falls in different styles, which allows for leaps, toboggans and rappel descents.

On the other hand, the Ondes canyon is a more technically demanding canyon, essentially consisting of a succession of rappel descents.


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Ste-Geneviève-sur-Argence - Tel. : 0752036648

Canyoning, supervised by safe qualified people, an adventure to be tried soon.Between the Aubrac plateau, land of great expanses and the Gorges de la truyère, a wild and preserved area, [...]


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