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Is angling your passion ? Argences en Aubrac and Cantoin are your destination!

Are you looking for map information or a licence, fishing equipment, the whereabouts of lakes, rivers or streams? This page is here to help you.


With its numerous rivers (the Argence, the Réols…), these bodies of water and the proximity of the Sarrans lake, the Argence area is undoubtedly a paradise for anglers. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to adandon yourself to your passion, whether with a Fishing Guide, or alone.

In the latter case, here’s a little advice about fishing in this area:

– A Fishing licence is essential and lasts from the 1st January to the 31st December.
– all the other licences allow you to fish practically everywhere in France (all 89 departments).

Here you will meet two categories of watercourse:

Category 1

– Dominant fish: salmonides (brown trout,)
– Others species : minnows, gudgeon, crayfish.
– Whereabouts: all the streams and torrents in the area (Argence Vive, Argence Morte, Les Ondes, Le Cantoinet, Le Réols, Le Lebeau), the Mels and Cantoin lakes, la Courtoirade lake.
– Opening : from the 2nd saturday of March to the 3rd sunday of september included.
– Trout : length : 20cm; 6 trout authorised per day and per angler.
– Maggot fishing: prohibited.
– Crayfish: fishing of native crayfish – strictly prohibited, signal crayfish permitted.

Category 2 :
– Dominant fish: cyprinides : (carp, bleak, tench, roach …)
– Other fish: carnivorous (pike, zander, perch, trout, catfish …).
– Whereabouts: The Truyere, the Sarrans, Barthe and Vignotte lakes.

Fishing authorised all year round and free for all species except :
– Trout: length 23cm, 6 trout authorised per day and per angler. Brown trout fishing prohibited during the 1st Category closure. Rainbow trout permitted all year round.
– Pike: fishing prohibited from the last Monday in January to 30th April inclusive.
During this period, live fishery is forbidden, as well as to use spoons, dead or artificial fish, or any other lure likely to attract pike. Length: 50cm
– Zander: fishing permitted all year round. Length: 40cm.
From the beginning of April to mid-June: breeding period. Three spawning areas have been installed in the Sarrans lake: no fishing is permitted there.
– Pike and zander: 3 fishes maximum per day per angler.


« No kill » stretchespêche Argences en Aubrac

on the Argence Vive for 600 mètres at the Quié of la Terrisse
– le Réols (for 1000 meters)
“le Lebot (for 1800 meters) (Lacalm)
– Regulations:
On this stretch, the only authorised technique is fishing using ariticial flies on unbarbed hooks.
This method can be practised either with a fixed line or with a fly rod.
Killing the fish is strictly forbidden, They must be returned to the water with the greatest care.


Download map of fishing spots and “No Kill” stretches Argences en Aubrac and Cantoin

Fishing in Aveyron 2020

Fishing information

Association for Fishing and for the Protection of the Aquatic Habitat
Tel : 05 65 48 40 43 – Mob : 06 89 58 61 38


Administrators for licences and fishing equipment

Mr. Henri MOURET
Internet administrator
Le Quié, la Terrisse 12210 ARGENCES EN AUBRAC
Tel : 05 65 48 40 43 – Mob : 06 89 58 61 38

Brasserie- bar la Viadène
Internet administrator and fishing equipment
Tel : 05 65 48 54 91 or Mob : 06 19 81 15 66
Mail :
Rue des barrages, Ste-Geneviève-sur-Argence 12420 ARGENCES-EN- AUBRAC

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