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Mini museum of country life

At Durbec, in the restored bread oven: a permanent exhibition of tools from country life before mechanisation. Restored long sawyers workshop.
Viewpoint over the mountains of Cantal, le Barrez, la Haute Viadène.
Accessible from walking circuits. Parking.
Durbec, Ste Geneviève sur Argence 12420 ARGENCES EN AUBRAC
Contact : 06 15 53 20 11

[01] Musée de la cornemuse du Massif Central

Cantoin - Tel. : 0643324888

In Vines la Maison de la Cabrette et des traditions populaires de l'Aubrac proposes you an immersion in the world of that unusual instrument. The aim of this project is to [...]


[02] Micro-musée du Clairon Rolland

Lacalm - Tel. : 0675890184

Capacities : 20 Person (maximum)

  • Pets allowed

The chapel of the Lacalm cemetery welcomes the micro museum dedicated to the memory and heroic adventures of Bugle Guillaume Rolland Officer of the légion d'honneur, hero of the battle [...]


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