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Argences en Aubrac and Cantoin

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You like walking ?  With its topography and the variety of terrain, near Aubrac, Viadène and Truyère, Argences-en-Aubrac and Cantoin is an ideal region for cycling or walking: from a family walk on tarmac pathways or on green trails, on wild footpaths on the Aubrac plateau, let you marvel by the beauty of the landscapes.
We can offer a range of circular, signposted routes. From one hour to four hours, there is something for you!


Local walking routes


At the tourist office, we can offer you small walks in and around Sainte Geneviève sur Argence.

These consist of 11 leaflets for walks from 1 to 4 hours: Alpuech, Cantoin, Graissac, Lacalm, Ste Geneviève, La Terrisse and Vitrac. (on sale at the tourist office 5 € for the set of 11 or 1 € each or you can download below)

Download the walking path “les chemins paysagers” (La Terrisse)

Download the walking path “la croix du moulin” (Graissac)

Download the walking path “La Croix du Cayre” (Alpuech)

Download the walking path “les berges du lac de Sarrans” (Cantoin)

Download the walking path “les Plos” (Lacalm)

Remember that walking paths are marked in yellow.


Groomed trails around Durbec: available at the Tourist Office
Circuits “around Durbec

Discovery footpath from la Gourgue de Maroule

After dropping by the Tourist Office to take the circuit guide, you will leave on a superb managed circuit of about 5km.
All along the walk, information boards will invite you to explore the fauna, the flora, the functioning of the environment round about, as well as the history of human activity which are bound up in it.
This family pathway will allow you to observe nature, the fauna and the flora


Footpath of Garence

In Ste Geneviève-sur-Argence, the story of the little girl Garence…..









Discovery footpath la Boucle des Baltuergues



Topo hiking guides for sale in the Tourist Office

–  l’Aubrac: 7 €.  – l’Aveyron à pied: 14,90 € – Le Carladez à pied: 6,10 €
 topo guide l'Aubrac  
 – En Vallée d’Olt, entre Aubrac et Dourdou: 6,10 €  – Randonnées en Viadène (St-Amans-des- Côts): 5 €


[01] Sentier de découverte de la Gourgue de Maroule

Ste-Geneviève-sur-Argence - Tel. : 0565661975

5 km circuit in Ste Geneviève sur Argence, for the exploration of the fauna and flora. [...]


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