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The gateway to the Aubrac, Lacalm , truly “the roof of Aveyron”, is the highest village in Aveyron at 1128m. In the heart of the village there is a very old church which has two very distinct parts. The church proper in the Romanesque style, with a full-arched apse, and a square bell tower in no particular style.

3km from the village of Lacalm one can find the waterfall Saut du Loup.

The Guirande wood where you can find the circuit celebrating the legend of the Baby is today a communal area situated 2km fomr the village on the Chaudes-Aigues road before the turning for the Rochegrès castle.
It was worth to the Lacalm commune a Marianne en Or in 2011.
One memory you will take from the castle of Rochegrès will be the sunken head, scuplted into the stone above the door of the main building. According to local tradition this served to deter intruders because it was lit at night producing a striking effect.
Each year at the start of June the Aubrac’s Strongest Men competition takes place (les Forces d’Aubrac).






Lacalm is also the birth place of Bugler Rolan (Clairon Rolland), the hero of the Battle of Sidi Brahim in 1845. In 1842 Guillaume Rolland, a native of Lacalm, joined the 8th batallion of infantry.
Later, he joined the musical section of the regiment as a bugler. At the Battle of Sidi Brahim he proved his heroism when he was captured by the enemy. They ordered him to sound the retreat to demoralise the French forces – but he sounded the charge. In 1913, at the age of 92 years, he was awarded the title of Supreme Officer of the Legion of Honour.
A statue to him was erected at the entrance to the village. This bust is the work of the sculptor Eugène Arsal. His bugle and his decorations can be seen at the village Town Hall (Mairie) as can his tob in the cemetery. A mini-museum (micro-musée) with an exhibition about Guillaume Rolland and a reconstructions of his epic exploit is dedicated to him in the chapel of Lacalm.








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